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Our Mission

LINCHPIN is dedicated to dramatically increasing the financial and market performance of our client companies. Through Lean process reengineering, improved utilization of existing computer systems, and planned integration of new systems, LINCHPIN clients enjoy measurable growth in productivity, efficiency and bottom line financial returns. The end result is an operation that is more responsive, manageable, and profitable.

Our Services

LINCHPIN provides global solutions to your organization via four distinct services, including Lean Manufacturing Consulting, Program and Project Management, Training, and Staffing Services. Ask us about how you can qualify for a free Half-Day Assessment!

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What Does LINCHPIN Mean?

Organizations frequently become fragmented parts of a once-unified vision.

To be effective, any organizational change must take into account the needs and objectives of all the "pieces" of the organization affected by the change. LINCHPIN Manufacturing Sepcialists, Inc. logo The LINCHPIN logo signifies our approach to creating change within our client organizations. We actively "collect and connect" those areas and levels of the organization touched by the change, just as a mechanical LINCHPIN would link together physical parts.

Linking the organization in this manner at the beginning of any process improvement or systems change will increase the likelihood that the change will be implemented in a rapid, widely accepted, and cost-effective manner.

To arrange a visit to your location or to ask a staff member to address a particular concern, please contact us by phone or email.




  • International experts in Lean Manufacturing efficiency/cost control
  • PMI-certified I.T. Project Managers
  • Specializing in implementation of manufacturing-related software systems
  • Nearly 100 years combined staff experience in management of manufacturing systems
  • Tens of millions of dollars in client cost savings and cost avoidance

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