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LINCHPIN™ Case Studies

Seamless transition to global IT standard

An international fastener and logistics company entrusted LINCHPIN the onsite project management in a major US subsidiary for the implementation of their custom ERP and Warehouse Management System and the centralizations of its warehousing infrastructure. The rollout involved both significant business process changes as well as definition of system enhancements including a complete EDI conversion in the automotive supply chain. The entire project was very demanding and required special dedication and motivation by both teams working in the US and the group's IT team based at the company headquarters in Switzerland.

Cutover was achieved on time with unnoticeable impact on delivery to the US subsidiaries major customer. In fact standard service levels were at pre-conversion levels within less than a week. The subsidiary is now in the process of significantly improving its cost structure and benefiting from the operational improvements facilitated by the new processes and systems.

LINCHPIN provided a fully dedicated professional onsite project management over a period of 18 months which contributed significantly to the successful ERP WMS implementation.

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Eliminating custom code and meeting needs through standardized software

The LINCHPIN™ consultant was assigned to a client manufacturing large valves. The project involved replacing an old release of the company's MRPII manufacturing control system with the latest release. The client company was several releases behind because many custom modifications made over the years had made it impossible to upgrade to new releases. Now it had to occur, since the software vendor no longer supported the installed release. The project was to analyze the modifications that had been made and redevelop them in the new release. The client felt that this was necessary because these custom features represented unique functionality that was required for their business. Executive Saving Money

After thorough analysis of the new release's functional content, the LINCHPIN™ consultant was able to determine how to satisfy all of the client's unique requirements using standard functionality. This saved over $100,000 in development costs, shortened the project by 6 months, and allowed the client, for the first time in years, to be able to fully utilize the software vendor's support services by running the standard package.

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Capturing waste dollars and "plugging holes" in the material transfer process

A manufacturer of hospital garments was losing significant material dollars, with no apparent traceability throughout the material transfer process. Materials were received accurately from suppliers, yet when finished-goods relieved raw material chemicals and components, variances ran between $800,000 and $1 million annually. The company had already purchased, and was in the process of implementing, a state-of-the-art MRPII system.

Executives please with decreased variances LINCHPIN™ staff members led the project team and steering committee as well as the core manufacturing team. Through interviews with the manufacturing/materials staff and examination of historical bills of material and batch yield studies, the LINCHPIN™ staff reconstructed original material transfer data and identified specific areas of material dollar loss. This information was loaded to the new MRPII system… and everyone held their breath while manual-inventory numbers were compared for the first time with system data!

Not only did material variances immediately plummet to $10,000; the team also raised needs to update FDA-controlled specifications and batch records to reflect actual chemical properties for each manufactured lot.

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Adapting ERP system to specific operations needs

A LINCHPIN™ staff member was assigned to a manufacturer of injection-molded plastic toys. The company "inherited" a system used by the parent company that was complex enough to meet the needs of the parent company yet far too cumbersome and complex for this location. Instructor conducting classes

The LINCHPIN™ staff member led the user group in creating flowcharts of all processes and features that were actually needed for the manufacturing/distribution areas. He guided the users in selecting the specific systems functionality that would best meet their needs, and then designed and conducted user training on just the needed functionality.

The group collectively determined that not all modules of the system needed to be installed or maintained; some capabilities were redundant. In addition to now allowing the users to take advantage of the software for their day-to-day operations, this initiative resulted in savings of more than $50,000 annually by reducing licensing fees for the modules removed.

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Consolidating systems and reducing system maintenance costs

LINCHPIN™ was called into a major division of a Fortune 50 company that was consolidating its operations. Several manufacturing/distribution locations were sold to other companies or transferred to other divisions of the parent conglomerate. This meant that the existing high-cost and complex software system was no longer needed to support the few remaining locations. The system in question was an "add-on" to the core MRP system. Saving by consolidating systems

LINCHPIN™ led the system consolidation effort by working hand-in-hand with user groups in the manufacturing, materials, purchasing, planning, distribution, and transportation areas. This involved identifying business requirements, aligning source documents, assigning both user and IT responsibilities, and developing simplified automated capabilities.

Users filled transaction and reporting needs by adapting pieces of the original core MRP and other add-on systems to functional requirements requirements. The company was able to decommission all but one module of the high-cost system, with overall savings of $960,000 annually in maintenance and support costs.

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